What are some different types of heating systems for the home?

If you are in need of upgrading the heating system in your home, there are a few different options to choose from. The following heating systems range in the installation required, benefits, and cost.

Central Heating

Central heating, also called forced air heating, is a popular heating option. This is installed as part of a heating and air conditioning system. You get the benefit of even heat throughout your entire home, along with air conditioning when you need it. There are many heating systems used in central heat, such as furnaces and boilers. If you get a furnace, the forced air heat will enter rooms in your home through ducts and vents. You can get a gas, electric, or oil furnace.

Radiant Heating

Another popular option is to have a radiant heating system installed in your home. This is a natural type of heating that can be very comfortable. Similar to central heat, there are different ways to have radiant heat, including having tubing installed in your floors, to using a hot belly stove. The tubing is the most common way to get radiant heat. You may also have panels that are installed in your ceilings. When you use the in-floor system, it will be fueled by a boiler. This may use oil, gas, or electricity.

Hot Water Baseboards

You can also choose to have hot water baseboard units installed, also called hydronic heat. This is also fueled by hot water in a boiler, which then provides both convection and radiation heat to different rooms of your home. There are fin-tube units installed in your baseboards throughout your home, which have pipes going from the boiler to the baseboards. This is an energy-efficient option and also provides you with gas, oil, and electricity fueling sources.

Space Heaters

If you want a less expensive option that doesn't require any installation, you can choose a portable space heater instead. This is an electric space heater that you can plug in anywhere and get heating to that room. The main disadvantage is that it only heats up one room at a time, and when using it all the time, can get rather costly. However, you get immediate heat, can move it around to different rooms, and don't need to wait for the time it takes to install a heating system in your home.

Speak to a heating contractor to learn more about these different options and what the benefits of each one are.