Different Methods of Building Demolition

There are different methods used in commercial and residential building demolition. The choice of technique which can be used in your property will vary depending on your preference and other worksite considerations. These include the precise location of your structure, the building materials, the debris disposal system and the primary purpose of the project. You should consult your demolition contractor before choosing the ideal service package. Here are the main methods of used to demolish building structures.


As implied, this demolition method uses explosives to knock down the vital vertical building supports. The implosion is designed to burst inwardly and in sequence for efficient and safe demolition. This destructive technique is complex therefore it requires exceptional expertise from the contractor. The demolition specialist must identify the critical support structures in the building by studying the original blueprints.

The contractor will decide on the best explosives for the project and the charges will be placed at the identified points. The charge detonation time is usually set sequentially for maximum impact and to minimize explosion hazards. Implosion is a viable method for your project if your building structure is large and you require total obliteration. The technique is also suited for use in urban areas which have relatively heavy populations.


The deconstruction technique allows the demolition contractor to dismantle the building structure in stages. Different procedures, practices and equipment are used to ensure that the process is environmentally-friendly. This means that the demolition team will keep the level of dust, noise and general vibrations at minimum. Typically, a crane is used for initial deconstruction tasks such as cutting and removing concrete walls. Water-jetting techniques are used to minimize dust emission and to limit the risk of fire.

Thermic lances are also used when reinforced steel is part of the building structure. This method does not produce steel fillings and the material maintains integrity. You will recover some useful assets which can be recycled or even reused by choosing deconstruction. This is an ideal method for residential and relatively small commercial demolition projects.

Selective Demolition

Selective demolition is also known as the soft strip method and it is suited for small residential projects. It is somewhat similar to deconstruction but this scheme requires a more hands-on approach when taking apart the structure. It is a labor-intensive process which requires an extended schedule. The primary purpose of this demolition method is to recover all the reusable and recyclable materials in the old building. Almost all the building components are preserved including bricks, timber, concrete, fittings and ceilings.

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