How Much Does A Land Survey Cost? Factors In The Pricing

If you are considering having surveyors from a place like Transit Technical Services come and survey your property so you know exactly where your boundaries are, you are probably wondering what it costs for such a service. It is impossible to give you an exact quote on a price, until it is known exactly what services you will be needing. There are many services provided by surveyors, and often many services are included in one land survey. Here is a rundown of some of the expenses that could be involved.

Survey Type

There are different types of land surveys, and the prices vary according to type. For instance, you may want a boundary survey, or you may need a mortgage survey if you are planning on selling your home. If you are looking to develop you land, you may need to have a topographical survey or a construction survey.

Records Search

The surveyors are going to need to do some research in order to create an exact survey. Depending on past sales, there could be some disputes about the boundaries. If this is the case, more research is necessary, and this is going to add to the total cost of the land survey.

Property Shape and Size

If you have a large property, or one that is oddly-shaped (L-shaped, angled, etc.), you can expect to have to spend more on a survey than if you have a square or rectangular piece of land. Also, if you have more than one plot of land, you may need to have sectionalized surveying done, and possibly even separate surveys for each section of land.

Plant Growth

If there is a lot of vegetation on the property, including both fallen branches and actual trees and bushes that may be in the way, these may need to be moved or removed before the surveyors can do an accurate survey. If it is not feasible to move trees, the survey will need to be done around them, resulting in a higher cost.


It will cost a lot less if you have a survey done in the spring, summer, or fall than it will if you have it done in the winter. Not only is much of the property hidden by snow, making the surveyors' job more difficult, poor driving conditions can make it difficult to the surveyors to get to your home. This is especially true if you live in a rural area.